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The Bears Aren't Sleeping Through Spring

Keep bears out of your chickens with electric fence

The office of Fish, Wildlife and Parks confirms that the bears have been out of hibernation for about a month due to our unusually warm winter. They are hungry and looking to rebuild the weight they lost during their short nap. If you live in a bear area, it's best to plan ahead and discourage the bears from investigating potential food sources on your property before any damage is done.

Electric fence is simple and easy to install. Use at least a half joule Patriot, Speedrite or Stafix energizer when constructing the fence. Tru-Test has a simple solution. Products come in various heights and lengths, and can be set up as hot ground netting as well as all hot netting.

Remember, don't annoy the bear. More power and a good fence design are important factors. We can help you keep your property safe! Give us a call (406) 287-5151 or (800) 777-9960 to discuss your needs and options.

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