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Tru-test, the parent company of Stafix, Patriot, and Speedrite products
Strong, reliable, electric fencing from a Tru-test company
Speedrite energizer that does it all
Electric fencing products from a Tru-Test company
STOCKade Fencing Staplers, staples
Tree Island brand fencing wire and wire supplies
Tough Strand fixed knot fence wire

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Elk Herd Encounters High Country Ag Marketing Fence
Elk herd moving through a 52" tall High-Tensile Electric Bison fence. Their thick, hollow hair prevents a shock and allows them to pass freely through the fence.  Note the Solid Rod Fiberglass post's flexibility, and the moderate wire tension - both of which are keys to lower maintenance.

Charolais Bull & Heifer - Livestock Containment Fencing
Bull and heifer separated by a 42" 3-wire Hi-Tensile Permanent Electric Fence.

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