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For more than 25 years Tru-Test has been proud to be the market leader, working with ranchers to develop weighing systems that improve livestock management and profitability.

TruTest EziWeigh 7i Indicator

An entry level weigh scale that is simple to use with professional level accuracy and speed. EID-ready model available too.

XR Series of Indicators

Top of the line weigh scale that wirelessly communicates with EID readers and laptops. Several models available for varying applications.


There’s a reason why Tru-Test load bars are the best load bars on the market. With over 25 years perfecting the manufacturing process, Tru-Test load bars are reliable, rugged and long lasting. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, all Tru-Test load bars have ultimate corrosion resistance. Several models available for alleyway, manual squeeze chute, and hydraulic chute applications.


Tracking your animals either visually (ear tags) or electronically (EID tags) with a hand held or panel reader is a critical step in helping you manage the performance of your livestock. These readers work seamlessly with your Tru-Test weigh scales to provide the simple, reliable weighing and EID solution you’re looking for.

Hand-Held EID Readers

Easy to use, portable EID tag reader. Rugged, ergonomic design with long life battery for long periods of use. Suitable for all livestock. Bluetooth® model connects with Indicator wirelessly.

Tru-Test Panel EID Readers

Fixed panel readers mount chuteside or in the alley to automatically read EID tags as animals enter. Several sizes available to suit all livestock.


Portable Scales

Affordable, State of the Art Electronic Weight Measurement & Management

The FlightScale system is designed with pilot and aircraft safety first. It is portable, easy to set up, durable, weather-proof and accurate. It utilizes the most advanced electronics, yet is as simple to use as a handheld calculator. 

The FlightScale is the most cost-effective, efficient, versatile weighing system available. It can be installed beneath platforms, crates or cages. The loadbars can be positioned to weigh items over thirty feet in length.  


The system comes with a 2 year warranty.

Electronic Indicator FLT  2000

  • 9 key operation, for maximum simplicity

  • Advanced super-damping technology to calculate an accurate weight

  • Locks on weight within seconds

  • Large display and operational messages

  • Portable: 12V or AC compatible

  • Calculates and stores total weight of all items/payload

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