HCAM Products

Top-of-the-line Products from Trusted Suppliers Including:

Tru-Test Group

  • Speedrite

  • Patriot

  • Stafix


Tree Island Steel

  • Tough Strand

And More

  • Electric Fence Energizers

  • Offsets

  • STOCKade Staplers

  • Netting and Panels

  • Electric deterrent systems

  • Flexible Culvert Markers

  • Hydrant Markers

  • Flexible Stakes

Fencing Supplies

Fencing Supplies

Install, maintain permanent & temporary fence.

Predator Problems

Predator Problems

Keep predators out - Livestock in.

Roadside Markers

Roadside Markers

In demand by County road crews. Site Flags.



Livestock and Utility Weigh Scale Products

Self-Closing Gates

Self-Closing Gates

Pivot and Drive-through gates. Just bump. Electric.

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