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Fencing Products

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Electric Fence Energizers

6000i Unigizer™

Speedrite Electric fence energizers. Some, like the Speedrite 6000i, are remote control capable. Can be used with 110V AC adapter, also can be used with a 12V battery and or with solar panel applications, providing convenient versatile livestock control. Both the 6000i and 6000 will power up to 60 miles (240 acres) of fence!

Solid Rod Fiberglass Fence Posts

  • 1" Range Bull Permanent Posts in various lengths.

  • 1.25" Big Bull Permanent Posts in various lengths.

  • Rugged Solid Rod Fiberglass composition.

  • Fiberglass is almost indestructible and simple to use.

  • Easily driven with a steel post pounder or the new motorized pounders.

  • Used for permanent electric fence.

  • Allows for lower post cost and less maintenance.

  • Wire easily attaches to post with a cotter clip style wire pin.

  • Fast, easy, strong and durable.

  • Available in lengths to fit your fencing needs, holes are pre- or custom drilled.

Electric Fence Cable

  • Portable 7 X 7 electric fence cable

  • Available in 1320'

  • More conductive than poliwire

  • 3.5 times as strong as poliwire

  • 480 lb breaking strength

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