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Safety Roadside Markers  and Flag Markers

Abutment and Culvert Markers 

Maintenance problems State and County Road Departments routinely face is the marking of bridge abutments and culverts. We offer simple innovative solutions for both problems.  Download our PDF
Bridge Abutment Markers are mounted on brackets using our patented, flexible, spring design which allows for maximum durability and flexibility. Our uniquely designed bracket support reduces maintenance with its "bounce back" ability that allows wide loads, over-sized farm equipment, etc. to pass over even the narrowest bridges without removal or breakage of the markers.
bridge abutment marker
Our Culvert Marker design was developed at the request of County Road Department employees wanting to save time searching for culverts hidden by weeds, grasses, or snow; and to avoid accidental culvert damage by road maintenance equipment. The 3-foot marker weighs only 12 ounces.
culvert marker
Rod-on-a-Stake and Hydrant/Equipment Marker - Use when a marker can't be attached directly to a structure. For delineating driveways or any roadway approach. Signaling location of utility boxes, meters, underground irrigation valves, well site locations and utility control units or structures that can become hidden by grass or weeds. Comes in lengths of 4 or 5 foot. *Reflector tape optional.
rod-on-a-stake - equipment and hydrant marker
Hydrant Marker  - Can be attached to a hydrant or other structure.
hydrant marker

Safety Roadside Device Gallery


  Roadside Safety Devices PDF 

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Roadside Markers

Flag Markers

Flag Markers
Flag Markers - Typically used to designate well sites but they can also be very useful for marking roadways, building projects, property lines, lots, oilfields, hazards, and other situations. 
  • Standard sizes are 8" high by 12" wide or 8" high by 6" wide.  Custom sizes can be special ordered.
  • Flags are constructed with a .5" open-end sleeve for a fiberglass rod.  
  • Flag can be attached to a 4' or 5' fiberglass rod with a 3/8" butterfly clip or 1" plastic tubing.  
  • Standard colors are red, green, yellow, orange, blue, black and white.  
  • Fluorescent colors are yellow, green, orange, magenta and red.


  Flag Marker PDF 

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