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Bison and Bison Fencing

Bison are becoming an issue within the State. Some ranches are finding it profitable to be involved with the animals while others are concerned that the risk of escaping is too great. For years we have been involved with designing fences to contain the bison. When done correctly bison are fairly easy to contain, they are highly intelligent animals that responds to a properly designed electric fence in a positive way.

We've just designed some 9 miles of fence for the Fort Peck Indian Tribe and it's looking great. The rolling prairie of Eastern Montana is highly suited for the product and somewhat easier to build than the Ruby Mountains of Southwest Montana where Dave Dixon asked us to assist with Ted Turner's Snowcrest Ranch. On this ranch the fence (6 plus miles) has been installed professionally and operating for over 3 years with great success.

Horror stories run wild about bison escaping from electric fence but when the facts are all in, the vast majority of the escapes come from poorly designed or improper use of the product. There is never a total guarantee with any product by any manufacture for any situation. Anything can be sabotaged or neglected to the point of failure, but when given the opportunity a high quality electric fence has as much chance to succeed as any conventional fencing method.

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