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Montana and Western States Wildfires

Ash Creek Fire of 2012

Ashcreek Fire Devastation, Eastern Montana 2012.

I recently had the opportunity or misfortune to view the devastation that occurred in Eastern Montana by the Ash Creek fire. The damage that occurred is something I can only try to explain. The loss of natural resources is mind boggling and the loss of property such as fences will take several years to completely measure.

Those that are involved can only hope that next fall and spring will bring rains to begin healing the landscape. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel; in this case I have seen it before, just like the Derby and Rail Road fires, there will be grass for livestock to graze that was never there before when the landscape was choked with trees and brush. From the stand point of ranchers who make it to green up, you will see the light. Fences can be replaced and livestock will graze to their heart's content.

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