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Speedrite 6000i
This Speedrite 6000i with remote can be used in 110V, battery or solar power applications, providing convenient, versatile livestock control.
Elk Fence Power
Stafix Energizer - Powers up to 220 miles (2,500 acres) of fence 36 J maximum output energy 54 J stored energy)
Solar Powered Energizer
We have energizers for every application, utilizing 110v, battery and solar power.
No More Lost Insulators
Our Solid Rod posts utilize cotter keys for securing electric cable. More information on Solid Rod fiberglass posts below.
Solid Rod Post
A close look at our Solid Rod posts with cotter key installed. Download PDF below for information on Solid Rod fiberglass posts.
Solid Rod Post with Cotter Key
Strong, flexible and economical. Approximate diameter is 1"- 1.25".
Post Back Clip
View of back side of Solid Rod fiberglass post.
Aluminum Electric Wire
Aluminum electric fence wire in different gauges to fit the needs of your project.
Electric Fence Cable
Permanent and temporary electric fence cable.
Fixed Knot Game & Cattle Fence
High-tensile fence with a fixed knot. Holds the vertical stay wires securely in place. Vertical stay wires are continuous length for greater strength. Easy to install. The Class 3 galvanized coating can last up to 25 years. Available in a variety of spacing options, including narrow spaces close to the ground for smaller animals.
Fixed Knot Rolls
Ideal for protecting hay fields and hay yards from wildlife.
Galvanized Hi-Tensile
Galvanized Hi-Tensile Fence Wire
Galvanized Hi-Tensile Wire
Galvanized Hi-Tensile Fence Wire
Barbed Wire
12.5 guage Barbed Wire from TOUGHSTRAND
Barbed Wire
12.5 guage Barbed Wire manufactured by TOUGHSTRAND
Pigtail Offsets
Use on existing or new wood post conventional fence. Extends the life of the fence and prevents livestock from escaping.
Pigtail Offset Installed
Easy installation, very rugged, allows free wire movement.
Spring Steel Wire Offsets
Mount offsets to the existing conventional fence wires. Install electric fence wire on pinlock insulators.
Spring Steel Wire Offsets Up Close
The wire offset attaches to the existing fence wire, holding the electrical wire 10"-12" from the existing wire.
Spring Steel Wire Offsets
Bullnose Knot
Click below to see another wire diagram - Tying the ‘Figure-8’ Splice in High-Tensile Wire
Half-Hitch Knot
Use the knot for tying end insulators and ground wires to wood posts.
Sheep/Goat & Poultry Netting
Ideal portable fencing to protect sheep, goats and chickens from predators. Keeps bears, coyotes, fox, skunks & other predators out of beehives, gardens, hunting camps and small lots.
Unwelcome Mat
Especially useful around outbuildings, cabins and houses where grain and other food is stored that cause bears to want to gain entry. See it in action.
Portable Poliwire Fencing
Poliwire is temporary, light weight and flexible. Used with an AN90 or AN20 is ideal for anywhere a temporary fence is needed, such as in the back country.
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STOCKade Stapler ST400
Cordless fencing stapler makes fencing faster, easier and safer. See or download STOCK-ade product information by clicking link below.
STOCKade Stapler ST400i
STOCKade staple gun makes your fencing job faster, safer, easier. Lightweight, cordless, powerful. See PDF
STOCKade Staples
Staples for both the STOCKade ST400i and ST400 are the world's best power-driven barbed staple solutions. See PDF.
STOCKade Staplemate
One-handed staple pulling, high-tensile wire cutting, fence-demolition and repairs. See PDF
STOCKade Product Flyer
View or download PDF information sheet. Click link below.
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Electric Fence Energizers

6000i Unigizer™

Speedrite Electric fence energizers. Some, like the Speedrite 6000i, are remote control capable. Can be used with 110V AC adapter, also can be used with a 12V battery and or with solar panel applications, providing convenient versatile livestock control. Both the 6000i and 6000 will power up to 60 miles (240 acres) of fence!

Solid Rod Fiberglass Fence Posts

  • 1" Range Bull Permanent Posts in various lengths.

  • 1.25" Big Bull Permanent Posts in various lengths.

  • Rugged Solid Rod Fiberglass composition.

  • Fiberglass is almost indestructible and simple to use.

  • Easily driven with a steel post pounder or the new motorized pounders.

  • Used for permanent electric fence.

  • Allows for lower post cost and less maintenance.

  • Wire easily attaches to post with a cotter clip style wire pin.

  • Fast, easy, strong and durable.

  • Available in lengths to fit your fencing needs, holes are pre- or custom drilled.

Electric Fence Cable

  • Portable 7 X 7 electric fence cable

  • Available in 1320'

  • More conductive than poliwire

  • 3.5 times as strong as poliwire

  • 480 lb breaking strength

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STOCKade Staples

Staples for both the STOCKade ST400i and ST400 are the world's best power-driven barbed staple solutions. See PDF.

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